Derby #148
Tenor 2
Class of 2016
Guys! Guys! DID YOU HEAR?! Ryan is the best player on Brown's Baseball team! Also, he's super rad - he listens to Coltrane! On Spotify! Also, I hear he's from East Hampton, so he's extra cool. We should roadtrip to visit him! WE CAN SURPRISE HIM! Did you know he wears glasses sometimes? That means he's sensitive. So great, you know, because we all know sensitive people are more attractive. Did you know he can sing too?! Oh, probably, that's why he's in an a cappella group. But he really can! Like, really well! You should meet him. Now. Go. EMAIL HIM (before I do...).
Derby #152
Computer Science-Economics
Tenor 1
Class of 2017
What kind of man tries out on bass and ends up in the group as a Tenor 1? A real man does. Ray, master of all voice parts, is an integral part of Derbies. Arguably, however, Ray's biggest contribution comes on the court, where he has led the Derby Intramural Basketball Team to a total of one win in twenty games (hey, we ARE a singing group). The tie between his singing and his bball playing? He breaks it down every so often with his signature JT dance moves. We all agree that Ray is pretty special, and we know you will too! We love you Ray!!
Derby #153
Computer Science and Anthropology
Tenor 2
Class of 2017
Brajan, Brohan, Scarlet Rohannson, Riders of Rohan; Rohan Chandra is a man of many names and many talents. His silky smooth T2 blend is to die for. Just one thing: don?t ask him for directions. Scarlet has a tendency to take the Derbies down unmarked roads
Derby #155
Class of 2018
Keegan is from Maine (we suspect he might be the only one?), and we're so glad he made the trek down south to us. His incredible bass BOOST is only surpassed by his fashion sense and good looks. Throughout our travels with Keegan we've noticed a few things - he sometimes likes to leave gifts for us on the floor of our houses and our dining halls, he'll do anything for that perfect picture (scaling cliffs? Totally worth it), and he looks danggg good without a shirt on while doing it #sexyphotographer. We also celebrated our first IM basketball game win with Keegan at the helm #tallestderby. We're so glad to have Keegan and his on and off the acappella-field contributions for years to come!
Derby #156
Class of 2018
Who is Ricky Jaramillo you ask? Why he's only the most interesting Derby in the world... Or at least the most interesting Derby from West Philadelphia (born and raised). He is known for only traveling around campus with beautiful women on each arm, while reciting his favorite poems. Ricky has contributed to Merriam Webster Dictionary, redefining the term "under appreciated" to mean "lost in the chasm between new and popular, and old and classic." I'm now being told that it was Urban Dictionary, not Webster's Dictionary, sorry for the mix up. Anyways, Ricky also holds the Guinness World Record for "being the only person to ever fully experience Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life." He is also the only Brown student to ever successfully throw a flatulence based party, and we gotta say, his future sure looks Bryte.
Derby #157
"Wakka Wakka"
Computer Science
Class of 2018
Called a "lab project" by our sisters at Smith, it may very well take researchers across the country and world to truly understand this creature, known to the layman as "Pratul". We as a group have been researching through observation for quite a while now, namely by going out to meals with it and through interviewing its friends (most of whom complain that the specimen keeps them up until 4 AM due to belting notes at that hour). From these observations, we have come up with the following theories: 1) the creature is nocturnal, 2) the creature has the vocal range of a parrot, and 3) the creature will not touch food that it believes is lower than itself (i.e. the Ratty). Keep an eye out for it, as its voice will leave you in complete awe!
Derby #158
"Olly Hu?"
Computer Science
Tenor 1
Class of 2018
After years of searching and praying, John Mayer finally auditioned for the Derbies. And we took him. Except he goes by a different name now, and that's "Oliver Hu." Like a moose in the Alaskan wilderness, "Oliver" is pretty harmless. He's been melting hearts with his smooth voice and guitar for a while now, and loves nothing more than serenading the ladies. His hobbies include volleyball photography, slow dancing in a burning room, and mischaracterizing the color of ceilings.
Derby #159
"The Illest"
Public Health and Economics
Class of 2019
Known affectionately as 'The Illest,' Iladro's versatility is unparalleled. Lost in Shanghai and need someone to find you? Iladro's on it. Need somebody to sing "Let Me Love You" so sweetly you'll be asking who Mario even is? Iladro's on it. Need somebody to effortlessly rock a high top fade (which not everybody can rock)? Who's on it? That's right: Iladro's on it. Be on the lookout for the smoothest Derby in recent history, but be careful. Once he hits you with that look, your heart will be his for eternity.
Derby #160
"President Chen"
Class of 2019
Also affectionately known as "Mr. President," Justin aspires to one day become the POTUS, and we all know that the United States is in dire need of a leader with his charm, intellect, and regimented sleep schedule. Needless to say, we'd all vote for him because everyone knows how fantastic having a Derby as President would be. When he's not campaigning, Justin can be found befriending taxi drivers, jotting down meticulous notes, and taking afternoon siestas. Justin is always full of unique ideas, and we know that if he puts his mind to it, he can go the distance.
Derby #161
Tenor 2
Class of 2019
A liaison between a cappella and theater, Corey never fails to bring people together. He has truly redefined duck faces (see left), and his crazy hairdo has all the girls (and guys) chasing after him. A Manhattan native, Como's ability to be a bro and a diva at the same time is unparalleled, and that is why we love him. Just wait until you hear him belt Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy"?it may bring you to tears.
Derby #162
Mechanical Engineering
Tenor 2
Class of 2019
For our most ardent fans, you know the tragic history of Derby intramural athletics. Year after year, season after season, we have fallen. Yet now, in just two short semesters, Kevin "K-Sport" Cowles has transformed us from "that a cappella team" into a low-level intramural powerhouse. As his angelic vocals lull the opposition into a debilitating trance, he darts and dances through their clutches to put the ball into the net, goal, or end zone, and put the game away. We challenge you to find a sport that Kevin cannot play?it will not happen.
Derby #163
Cognitive Neuroscience
Tenor 2
Class of 2020
The kids are using some newfangled toy called "Instagram," and while we're not entirely sure what is is or how it works, we know that Will is extremely good at it. He also happens to be the hero the Derbies need, but not the one we deserve right now. Nonetheless, we're very thankful that Will turned down the alluring opportunities of Harvard and social media fame in favor of singing with us.
Derby #164
Evolutionary Biology
Tenor 1
Class of 2020
A nature enthusiast, John speaks (and sings) for the trees. As our leading authority on everything biological, John always knows which berries are safe to eat-and more importantly, which are not. Episodes of Planet Earth and tasteful chord progressions are known to bring him to tears of joy. Much like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, John's voice is the powerhouse of the Derbies. His school-wide popularity makes him a difficult Derby to get a hold of, but he will always make time to bagel and discuss.
Derby #165
Class of 2020
Hailing from the west coast (best coast?), Nathaniel brings the thunder with his earthy bass tones. In his free time he can be found lounging in the grass, surrounded by admirers of his luscious locks and unparalleled insights on moral philosophy. A "foodie" at heart, Nathaniel loves any dish involving beets and his favorite condiment is mustard. His meditative persona holds down even the most excitable Derbies, and for that we are eternally grateful. Wait, did we mention he has luscious locks?
Derby #166
"Closet Trapper"
Applied Math-Economics
Tenor 2
Class of 2020
The Derbies are excited to announce that we have taken a large position in the fabrics industry by acquiring the likes of Vinu's silky Tenor 2 tones. Dividends are forthcoming. A unforgettable quote-generating machine, Vinu pursues a degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics knowing that he always has a career in stand-up comedy to fall back on in case crunching numbers doesn't work out.
Derby #167
Environmental Engineering
Tenor 1
Class of 2020
When in the course of spring auditions it becomes necessary for the Derbies to dissolve the trends of non-admittance which have occurred for many years and to accept into the group the spring callbacks to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle us, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel us to the admittance. We hold Daniel's incredible voice to be self-evident, that not all voices are created equal, that he has been endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable vocal abilities, that among these are buttery tone, stellar pitch, and the pursuit of many, many beatboxing sounds.